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The # in the left hand column is used to identify the pdf reports. Please refer to this when contacting me. Some reports use a Railroad code rather than the railroad name for identification. If you need to find the railroad name, see Report #111.

Railroad Historical Society publication indexes and other information (by permission)

  Railway & Locomotive Historical Society Index to Railroad Bulletin and Railroad History magazines 1921-2009
01 City, State, Country
02 Famous Person
03 Railroad Name
04 Subject
05 Issue, Article Title, Topic
06 Book Reviews
07 Article Title
09 Burlington Route Historical Society Index to the Burlington Bulletin & Zephyr (16,500 items)
10 Union Pacific Common Standard Drawings (for History, Model Railroads, and Glossary of Terms) (900+ drawings)

Railroad Historical web site selected information (by permission)

11 Abandoned (partial or complete abandonments of 1,400 railroads)
12 Historic Timetables (8,400) in .xls format from

Railroad and Rail Related organizations: History & Data

  Histories: Location, Dates
100     ALL Railroads (AAR code, Gauge, Mileage, grade, Dates, Route, Business Type)
101     Longest, Largest or Most Important
102     Historic: Class I, mileage>500, or historically important
103     Historic (UNESCO, NRHP, HAER, NARHF (Canada), ASME, other Historic
104     Mileage ALL >100 miles Longest to shortest descending
  Parentage: Acquisitions/Current Owner/Predecessor/Successor
106     RR Predecessor & Successors
107     RR Current Owner + Successors
110     RR Parentage (All Successors)
111     RR Code(Used by #110 and a few other reports)
  Locations: Principal terminus
120 RR Terminus: U.S. City, State Country     (See also Report #301 RR Corp + Division HQ List)
130 Samples of Future Full Text capability: RR History (Search by RR Code or RR Name)
  Railroads Categorized by Type or Size
140 AAR Class I Railroads
141 Bankruptcies and Reorganizations by RR
  Cable Car, Cog Railway,  Incline, Gravity, and Funicular
143     By Railroad Name
144     By Location
145     By Type (Aerial Tram, Cable Car, Cog, Funicular, Inclined Plane)
  Business Type (Car Builder, Loco Builder, Cable car, etc)
  Car + Locomotive Builders and Rebuilders/Repair
146     By Builder Name
147     By Location
  Commodity Carried (Agric: Sugar Cane/Sugar Beets, Coal, Ores, Mining, Logging etc)
148     By Commodity
149     By Location
150     By Railroad Name
  Commuter, Rapid Transit, Subways, Elevated, Street Railways, Interurbans, Light Rail
151     By Location
152     By Railroad Name
153 Electrified RR
155 Express + Fast Freight
156 Holding Companies
  Marine: Tugboat/Steamship Operators
160     By Name
161     By Location
  Mining RR: Coal, Ore…(see “Commodity Carried” list # 148-150)
  Narrow Gauge and Wide Gauge RR
165     By Railroad Name
166     By Location
168 Private Car Line Owners
169 Refrigerator Car Owners
170 Sleeping Car Operators
171     By Railroad Name
172     By Slogan
  Switching, Terminal, Bridge and Tunnel RRs
173     By Business Type
174     By Location
175     By Railroad Name
  Switchback List RR with Swithbacks
176     By Railroad Name
177     By Location
  Tourist Railroads and Dinner Trains  (See also Bibliography)
178     By Name (See also Bibliography)
179     By Location (See also Bibliography)
180 Unions and Brotherhoods

Bibliography & Information Sources

  Book Dealers/Stock & Bond Certificate Resellers
185     RailfanDepot Video/DVD list
186     Fallen Flags Index: Freight Cars (Great Shipper/Car Owner name, AAR car type/Equip type
201     Scott Winslow Stock & Bond Certificates (RR Names, Famous Persons)(36,000 items)
  Archives: Spec Coll
205     By Repository/Institution
206     By RR Name: Archives, Collections & Timetables

    By RR Name: Annual Reports, Corp Hist, Official Guides, Poors


    By Location: Archives and Collections – Historical Societies, Libraries and Museums

220     By Railroad name
221     By Title
  Employee Railroad Magazines & Records
230     By Railroad
231     By City, State Country
  Genealogy-How to search for information (tba)
  Facebook web sites list
240     By title
241     By Railroad
242     By Subject
243     By City, State, Country
  Historic Publications
246     By Location
247     By Railroad
248     By Subject
  Historical Soc, Libraries, Museums
251     By Name
252     By Location with Name and Key Collection Title
253     By Location with Email or Telephone contact
254     International by Location
255 Land Grant Records
256 Locomotive Builders
  Maps, Timetables and Official Guides
257     By Location
258     By Railroad
259     By Repository
  Tourist Railroads, Dinner Trains, Tour Operators, Scenic Travel
260     List by Location

Locations, Structures, Facilities

300     By Location (All)
301     By Location (Principal Termini and Corp HQ only by location)
303     By RR, Facility Type (Roundhouse, Shops, etc Location, RR) and Location
310 Architect: Building Type, City, State
311 Architect: City, State
315 Biggest, Longest, Largest (RH stalls, Tunnels, Bridge lengths, etc)
  Branch Lines:
318     By Branch Line Name + Railroad name
319     By Railroad name + Branch Name
320     By Location and Railroad
  Bridges, Tunnels, Passes
321     By Location and Railroad
322     By Railroad and Location
  Division and Corporate Headquarters:
330     By State, City
331     By RR
336 Elevation: Highest
337 Elevation: Location
338 Elevation: Railroad
  Employment: by Location with highest employment (>300 persons)
339     By Location with highest employment (>300 persons)
340     Largest to smallest (>300 pp)
342 Ferry + Marine Terminals
  Grade, Steepest Elevation (see Mountain Passes)
345 Highest/Steepest
346 By Location
347 By Railroad
350 Harvey House Locations
  Historic Buildings and Properties (NRHP, Unesco…)
See also Historic RR Report #103 (UNESCO, NRHP, HAER, NARHF (Canada), ASME
353 Railroad Towns whose importance resulted from the railroad
355 Historic Buildings and Properties (NRHP List)
358 Hospitals+Hotels+Restaurants by Location
359 Hospitals+Hotels+Restaurants by Railroad
360 Hotels+Restaurants by Location Railroad YMCA
  Industries (Mining, Logging, etc)
363 By Location
365 By Type
366 Interlocking Towers and Junctions
  Interurbans, Streetcars, Light Rail
368 By Location (Primary terminus)
369 By Location (Stations and Facilities)
  Logging Towns and Railroads
370 Logging Towns by Location
371 Logging Railroads by Location
  Mines, Mining Facilities and Mining Towns
375 Mines, Mining Facilities and Mining Towns
376 Mining Railways by Location
  Mountain Passes, grades, hills, etc – see also Bridges, Tunnels, Passes for additional information
379     By Location
380     By Name
381     By Railroad
  Narrow Gauge and Wide Gauge RR
385     By Facility and Location
386 By Railroad Termini
390 Passenger + Freight Stations and Ferry Terminals
  Roundhouses and Shops
400     By Location
401     By RR + Location
410 Switchbacks
  Yards + Intermodal Yards
420     by All Yards and Location
421     by Intermodal Yard and Location
422 by Railroad
423 by Yard, Roundhouses, Shops and Engine Houses
430 Sample of Future Full Text capability: Location History


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500 Passenger Train Names, Passenger Cars and Related Glossary of Terms
600 Glossary of Terms
700 Timeline of Events
800 Biographies and Events Linked to a Person
900 Locomotives
1000 Railroad car types
  References Cited
1201 Railroad History
1203 Locations, Structures and Facilities
1205 Passenger Train Names
1207 Glossary of Terms
1209 Biographies
1211 Locomotives